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As an official Armstrong Certified C&D Processor, our Certified Blue Recycling, Inc /Armstrong Ceiling Recycling Program is an easy way for businesses like you to help save the environment.   To date, Armstrong has recycled over 100 million square feet of old ceiling material. That’s more than 550,000 tons of construction waste that’s been diverted from landfills.

This cradle-to-cradle process is a natural extension of our use of recycled materials and environmentally compatible manufacturing process that reduces our environmental footprint.

It’s good for you.

  • No landfill fees. We’ll pick up your old ceiling tiles.
  • Removing old ceilings for recycling provides an early view of potential problems, structural issues and abatement needs
  • Orderly ceiling removal eliminates confusion and space limitations during demolition
  • Achieve LEED® credits by including ceiling recycling in your construction waste plan
  • Show your commitment to the environment

It’s good for the planet.

  • Less landfill impact
  • Preserves our natural resources
  • Closed-loop process enables old ceilings to become new again with post-consumer content; saves on use of virgin materials


What 1 Ton Saves

Consider the savings of only one ton of material:

  • 456kg CO2 equivalents of greenhouse gas emitted, the global impact of not driving a car 3,675 miles
  • 11 tons of virgin raw materials, which saves 1,892 gallons of potable water
  • 1,390 kWh electricity, the monthly energy to power a home for 1.4 months

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